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Friday Night 6:00-8:30 8/16 @ Life UMC
Using A.I. Tools in the Church

Wondering what A.I. is all about and how it can be used in the church? A little nervous about what is and isn’t legal? Concerned about ethics? Just not sure it’s for you?
Those questions and more will be answered in the Using A.I. Tools in the Church seminar. Amazon Bestselling Author and consultant Jason Moore will guide a conversation about what A.I. is, how to use it (and not use it), which tools are most useful for various aspects of ministry and will demonstrate how to use them.
Best of all, most A.I. tools are free to use or are very affordable. Regardless of your church size, budget, and worship style, this A.I. primer will be helpful for you. 

Saturday 9:00-3:30 8/17 @ Life UMC
BOTH/AND: Hospitality

The onset of the global pandemic changed so much of what we’ve known ministry to be inside and outside the church. Social distancing, and non-physical gatherings brought new challenges where connection and relationship building are concerned. 
With so much ministry happening BOTH in the building AND online, how can we earn the second, third, and ongoing visits from those who are new to our faith communities? New strategies are required for living into what it means to be a hospitable church.
In a season where everything feels different, how can we claim or reclaim a passion for radical hospitality, making great first impressions and work toward being poised for guests before they arrive? 
Join guest readiness and hybrid worship author and coach Jason Moore for an exploration of what it means to extend BOTH/AND Hospitality. 


You’ll learn how to make great first impressions from your website (the front door), to the building (the physical door). We’ll talk best practices on signage, developing hybrid language that includes everyone, learn how to build a relational pathway into your communities and so much more. This highly practical training will give you immediate, accessible takeaways. It’s meant for laypeople and clergy alike, from churches of any size, worship style, ranging from rural, to in the city and everything in between. 
In this session we’ll cover:
• Making good first Impressions online and in-  
• Best practices for website
• Wayfinding/signage best practices
• Demystifying Insider secrets
• Avoiding alienating people online and in-person
• Extending hospitality to everyone
• Building lasting relationships
• Follow up
• Building a discipleship pathway


Curious about A.I. in the church? How about ways to make your church a more hospitable church for those first time guests? Join Amazon Bestselling Author Jason Moore for the “Using A.I. Tools in the Church” seminar to explore practical and ethical uses of A.I. in ministry. Plus, discover how to enhance hybrid worship with radical hospitality in the “BOTH/AND Hospitality” workshop. These workshops are perfect for any church size and budget! Learn more and register online at Friday night only $10 per person Saturday only $15 per person (includes lunch) Both sessions $20 per person All registered attendees receive a copy of Jason’s book, Both/And: Maximizing Hybrid Worship Experiences for In-Person and Online Engagement #ChurchTech #AI #RadicalHospitality #HybridWorship



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